Selected Publications

Enhanced chloroplast-mitochondria crosstalk promotes ambient algal-H2 production  
Tamar Elman, Thi Thu Hoai Ho, Yuval Milrad, Michael Hippler, Iftach Yacoby *

Published on March 2022

Cell Reports Physical Science

*Corresponding author

Photosystem I light-harvesting proteins regulate photosynthetic electron transfer and hydrogen production.   
Thi Thu Hoai Ho, Chris Schwier, Tamar Elman, Vera Fleuter, Karen Zinzius, Martin Scholz, Iftach YacobyFelix E Buchert, Michael Hippler *

Published on Dec 2021

Plant Physiology

*Corresponding author

Use of plant chloroplast RNA-binding proteins as orthogonal activators of chloroplast transgenes in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Noam Shahar, Tamar Elman, Rosalind Williams-Carrier, Oren Ben-Zvi, Iftach Yacoby *,
Alice Barkan*

Published on Oct 2021

Algal Reaserch

*Corresponding authors

Phylloquinone is the principal Mehler reaction site within photosystem I in high light
Marina Kozuleva, Anastasia Petrova, Yuval Milrad, Alexey Semenov, Boris Ivanov, Kevin E Redding, Iftach Yacoby *

Published on May 2021

Plant Physiology

*Corresponding author

Protection of Oxygen-Sensitive Enzymes by Peptide Hydrogel
Oren Ben-Zvi, Itzhak Grinberg, Asuka A Orr, Dror Noy, Phanourios Tamamis, Iftach Yacoby*, Lihi Adler-Abramovich*

Published on April 2021

ACS Nano

*Corresponding authors  

Bi-directional electron transfer between H2 and NADPH mitigates light fluctuation responses in green algae
Yuval Milrad, Shira Schweitzer, Yael Feldman, Iftach Yacoby*

Published on February 2021

Plant Plant Physiology

*Corresponding author  

Engineered clostridial [FeFe]-hydrogenase shows improved O2 tolerance in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Tamar Elman, Shira Schweitzer,  Noam Shahar, James Schwartz and Iftach Yacoby* 

Published on Aug 2020

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

*Corresponding author  

Rewiring photosynthesis: a Photosystem I-hydrogenase chimera that makes H2 in vivo
Andrey Kanygin,   Yuval Milrad,   Chandrasekhar Thummala,   Kiera T. Reifschneider,   Patricia Baker,   Pini Marcu,   Iftach Yacoby*  and  Kevin E Redding*
Published on Apr 2020
Energy and Environmental Science
*Corresponding authors  

The Integration of Multiple Nuclear- Encoded Transgenes in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Results in Higher Transcription Levels
Noam Shahar, Shira Landman, Iddo Weiner, Tamar Elman, Eyal Dafni, Yael Feldman, Tamir Tuller* and Iftach Yacoby*
Published on Feb 2020
Frontiers in Plant Sciences
*Corresponding authors  


CSO – A sequence optimization software for engineering chloroplast expression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Iddo Weiner, Yael Feldman, Noam Shahar, Iftach Yacoby* and Tamir Tuller*

Published on Dec 2019

Algal Research

*Corresponding authors  


Re-routing photosynthetic energy for continuous hydrogen production in vivo
Oren Ben-Zvi, Eyal Dafni, Yael Feldman, and Iftach Yacoby*
Published on November 2019
Biotechnology for Biofuels
*Corresponding author


Solving the riddle of the evolution of Shine-Dalgarno based translation in chloroplasts
Iddo Weiner, Noam Shahar, Pini Marco, Iftach Yacoby* and Tamir Tuller*
Published on September 2019
Molecular Biology and Evolution
*Corresponding authors  


Binding of ferredoxin NADP+ oxidoreductase (FNR) to plant photosystem I
Pini Marco, Tamar Elman, and Iftach Yacoby*

Published on July 2019

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta


Paradigm Shift in Algal H2 Production: Bypassing Competitive Processes
Szilvia Z.Tóth* and Iftach Yacoby*
Published on June 2019
Trends in Biotechnology
*Corresponding authors  


Prediction and large-scale analysis of primary operons in plastids reveals unique genetic features in the evolution of chloroplasts
Noam Shahar, Iddo Weiner, Lior Stotsky, Tamir Tuller*, Iftach Yacoby*
Published on March 2019
Nucleic Acids Research
*Correspondence authors
ChimeraUGEM: unsupervised gene expression modeling in any given organism
Alon Diament, Iddo Weiner, Noam Shahar, Shira Landman, Yael Feldman, Shimshi Atar, Meital Avitan, Shira Schweitzer, Iftach Yacoby*, Tamir Tuller*
Published on February 2019
*Correspondence authors
Image processing software for high throughput quantification of colony luminescence
Eyal Dafni, Iddo Weiner, Noam Shahar, Tamir Tuller*, Iftach Yacoby*
Published on January 2019
*Correspondence authors

Overcoming the expression barrier of the ferredoxin‑hydrogenase chimera in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii supports a linear increment in photosynthetic hydrogen output
Iddo Weiner, Noam Shahar, Yael Feldman, Shira Landman, Yuval Milrad, Oren Ben-Zvi, Meital Avitan, Eyal Dafni, Shira Schweitzer, Haviva Eilenberg, Shimshi Atar, Alon Diament, Tamir Tuller*, Iftach Yacoby*
Published on July 2018
Algal Research
*Correspondence authors

Green algal hydrogenase activity is outcompeted by carbon fixation before inactivation by oxygen takes place
Yuval Milrad, Shira Schweitzer, Yael Feldman, Iftach Yacoby*
Published on May 2018
Plant Physiology
*Correspondence author

Binding of ferredoxin to algal photosystem I involves a single binding site and is composed of two thermodynamically distinct events
Pini Marco, Marina Kozuleva, Haviva Eilenberg, Yuval Mazor, Peter Gimeson, Andrey Kanygin, Kevin Redding, Iddo Weiner and Iftach Yacoby*
Published on April 2018
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
*Correspondence author

Enhancing Heterologous Expression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii by Transcript Sequence Optimization
Iddo Weiner, Shimshi Atar, Shira Schweitzer, Haviva Eilenberg, Yael Feldman, Meital Avitan, Mor Blau, Avihai Danon, Tamir Tuller*, and Iftach Yacoby*
Published on April 2018
The Plant Journal
*Correspondence authors
A myovirus encoding both photosystem I and II proteins enhances cyclic electron flow in infected Prochlorococcus cells
​Svetlana Fridman, José Flores-Uribe, Shirley Larom, Onit Alalouf, Oded Liran, Iftach Yacoby, Faris Salama, Benjamin Bailleul, Fabrice Rappaport, Tamar Ziv, Itai Sharon, Francisco M. Cornejo-Castillo, Alon Philosof, Christopher L. Dupont, Pablo Sánchez, Silvia G. Acinas, Forest L. Rohwer, Debbie Lindell & Oded Béjà
Published on October 2017
Nature Microbiology 
The dual effect of a ferredoxin-hydrogenase fusion protein in vivo: successful divergence of the photosynthetic electron flux towards hydrogen production and elevated oxygen tolerance
Eilenberg H, Weiner I, Ben-Zvi O, Pundak C, Marmari A, Liran O, Wecker SM Milrad Y, and Yacoby I*
Published on August 2016
Biotechnology for Biofuels
*Correspondence author

Microoxic niches within the thylakoid stroma of air-grown C. reinhardtii protect [FeFe]-hydrogenase
Liran O, Semyatich R, Milrad Y, Eilenberg H, weiner I and Yacoby I*
Published on September 2016
Plant Physiology
*Correspondence author
The In-vitro enhancement of FeFe Hydrogenase activity By Superoxide Dismutase
Ben-Zvi O and Yacoby I* 

Published on October 2016

International Journal of  Hydrogen Energy
*Correspondence author


Optimized Expression and Purification for High-Activity Preparations of Algal [FeFe]-Hydrogenase

Yacoby I*, Tegler L, Pochkailov S, Zhang S*, King P*.  
Published on April 2012

*Correspondence authors

Photosynthetic electron partitioning between [FeFe]-hydrogenase and ferredoxin: NADP+-oxidoreductase (FNR) enzymes in vitro
Yacoby I*, Pochekailov S, Toporik H, Ghirardi ML, King PW*, Zhang S*. 
Published on May 2011
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 
*Correspondence authors